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Class Member Page

Hello. I am assuming that if you are reading this page you are either in our class or intending to join a class shortly. I'll try to answer questions that I anticipate you might ask.

What if I'm Gone a Lot - Especially While Classes are On? People have lives that keep them busy. During a lesson period it is important to attend as many sessions as possible. But depending on the individual, you may be able to miss one or two. The very best resource is the instructor/caller and you should make every effort to attend and get the most out of the classes themselves, but if you miss, you also have the "Angels" who have been helping out.

What if I have Two Left Feet? No Rhythm? No problem! It's more like walking in rhythm and forming patterns with the other dancers. Throw in some swinging and twirling, and some optional flourishes, and you will have a ball. Many people enjoy square dancing more than any other type of dance because it doesn't require any special footwork! If you can walk, you can square dance. All the movements are done with your hands and arms.

This page will lead you to other pages that may help you as you progress with the class. Don't let any of the pages overwhelm you with too much information. All of our classes have a co-ordinator or helpers who are generally the Vice Presidents of the club. For the 2019 class you will be seeing a lot of Anne and Don Pacini, our Vice Presidents. If you need help, talk to them or the caller, Tom Pustinger.

You will also be seeing a lot of 'ANGELS' at the dances on class nights. They will be wearing Spinner badges; many of them are long time dancers who can help you with questions during the breaks. Ask and you shall receive.

REMEMBER THIS: Every dancer was at one time in the same situation that you are in. We all had to go through lessons to become members of a club. And we all worried and wondered if we would ever learn it all. We made can you. All it takes is practice.

Do not try to take in too much at once. You will learn as you go. Good luck. Hope to see you soon as a graduate of the class becoming a club member.

Here is a web site that shows
dancers actually learning the lessons
you have been taught and will be taught soon.