I will try to update this class list weekly or as soon as I am able.     

n the first weeks you learned
Dancer Identification:   Partner/corner.......Heads, sides...........couples #1, #2, #3, &
Circle left and right
Forward and Back   (also called as Up to the Middle and Back)
Then Tom added:

•  Allemande Left
* All Eight Circulate
* Allemande Thar
•  Bend The Line
•  California Twirl
•  Chain Down The Line
•  Circle To A Line
*  Circulate
* Column Circulate
* Couples circulate
* Couples trade
•  Courtesy Turn
•  Dive Thru
•  Dosado
*  Dopaso
*  Double Pass thru
•  Extend   
•  Forward And Back
•  Four Ladies Chain 3/4
•  Four Ladies Chain (Normal)
•  Grand Square
•  Half Sashay
•  Ladies Chain  including 4 ladies chain across
•  Ladies In, Men Sashay
•  Lead Right
* Left Arm Turn
*  Ocean Wave (right hand)  
•  Partner Trade
*  Pass the Ocean
•  Pass Thru
•  Promenade Single File
•  Promenade (Full, 3/4,1/2)
•  Right And Left Grand
*  Right and Left Thru
* Right Arm Turn
• Rollaway  (often called "rollaway with a half sashay")
•  Run
* Separate
* Shoot the Star
*  Slip the Clutch
•  Split The Outside Couple
•  Star Left
•  Star Promenade
•  Star Right
*  Star thru
*  Square Thru 4 hands and
*  Square thru 3/4  (i.e. 3 hands--usually called square thru 3)
•  Swing
*  Swing thru
*  Thar Star
•  U Turn Back
•  Veer Left
•  Veer Right
*  Weave the ring (i.e.  grand right and left without hands)
•  Wheel And Deal (Lines Of Four)
*  Wheel around
You must use these definition  pages correctly.  Do not think you can learn to dance just reading it.    These
pages are not meant to overwhelm you.

Just work on re-enforcing what you have already learned; don't try to understand the moves you have
not learned yet.  

Don't confuse yourself.   This is just meant as back-up.  

Remember, practice is the answer.   Tom will be re-enforcing these moves by calling them

And remember how much you have already progressed.   You are doing well.  
A page especially for Class Members
If you want to look up Allemande Left,  go to the link for Definitions-A.   The Calls are in
alphabetical order so you should find Allemande Left quite easily.   If you have any problems with
the website feel free to ask Betty Card about it.