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Frequently Asked Questions
about Square Dancing

  1. I have never square danced before.
    What is it all about?

  2. Is it Hard to Learn?

  3. I Have Square Danced Before
    What's Different About This?

  4. Why Square Dance?

  5. What are People
    Who Enjoy Square Dancing Like?

  6. What About the Music?
    Is it All Country Western?

  7. What are
    Classes/Lessons About?

  8. Can I Just Come
    and Watch First?

  9. Can I Try it Out
    before I Commit?

  10. What are Clubs?
    Do I Have to Join?

  11. What if I'm Gone a Lot
    Especially While Classes are On?

  12. Do I need a

  13. What if I have
    Two Left Feet? No Rhythm?

  14. What if I Need
    Extra Review?

  15. Is It Expensive?

  16. Is It a Seniors
    Only Activity?

  17. What Do I Wear?

  18. Where Do I Find
    Traditional Square Dance Attire?