Graduates throughout the Years.
Over the years we've graduated many dancers.   If they are no longer dancing with the Spartan Spinners,  we do hope they are dancing with a
club wherever they may have gone.  
Class of 2006:
Back Row:  Lou Kondus, Jerry Nichols, Larry Sherman, John Holland, Dean rogers,
Buddy Hammond, Mark Whitlock
Front Row:  Lisa champion, Marlene Kondus, Gail McAbee, Margaret Sherman, Susan
Holland, Edna Jacobsen, Jean glass, Betty Hammond, Liz Whitlock.
Spring Class of 2007:
Bill & Bonnie Kallio, Harry & Peggy Brady, Leslie turner & Evelyn Hill, Larry & Mary
Thomas, Andy & Joyce Dunn.
Winter Class of 2007:
Back Row:  Ed Turner, Jorge daSilva, Jerry Howe, Gary d'Entremont, Eldon boner
Front Row:  LaDonna White, Savannah White, Jennifer Howe, Mary d'Entremont
Class of 2008:
Back Row:
Tommy Melton, Bernie Corbett, Ed Scruggs
Front Row:
Jennifer Melton, Patti Corbett, Kathy Bailey, Jeannie Fehl, Pearl Weir
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Class of 2012:
Back Row:  
Jack Story  ,Gene Henderson,  Arnie Tuttle,  Julie Wilson,    Shan Pointer , Vice
President and class representative.
Middle Row:
Dot Story  , Julie McClure,   Sara Gaulden  and Barbara Pointer, Vice President--class
Front Row:
Brenda Petty ,  Jennifer Melton and  Dunne  Bibb.  
The Pointers and Jennifer Melton were representatives for the class this year.  
Class of 2013:

Daniel  d'Entermont is missing, represented by masked man , Vice President Clare
VanSant,    Joe Whisenant, Teena Whisenant, Karen Leemy, Judy Fowler, Diane
Burns, Evelyn  Hill and   President Jennifer Melton.   

Both Clare and Jennifer  were representatives for the class this year.                    
Class of 2015:
Ann & Don Pacini,   Jennifer & Wayne Harris,  Margo & Duane Blewett,  
Jane Chastain, Claudia Haimerl, Pat & J. R. Wilson and Lois Reinhardt.
Class of 2016:
Back Row:
Jim Shelton,  Jed McGinnis,   Steven Thomas
Front Row:  Chandler Pace, Jan Easier and Stephanie Thomas
Class of 2009:
Back Row:  Steve Gibbs, Tom Lensie, Reg Harrelson, Quayne Brush and John Hood
Middle Row:  Della Gibbs, Kathy Lensie, Kalisha Brush, Gail Schwarberow and ??
and Paul Rots.
Front Row:  Cyndi Lawson, Robyn Blake, Charla Rots and Marsha Hood
Over the years we have lost many of our graduates.   Some to death,  others to poor health and others to work
commitments or for other reasons.  We miss All of our Old Friends.  
Class of 2017:
Sharon Jett, Linda Brady, Donna Zanin, Marilyn Thomson,  Kristin
Neighbors, Glynda Todd, Stephanie Neighbors and Bob Todd.               .
Class of 2018
Vickie Brown, Jean Holllister, Marjorie Thomson,  Lynn Caplan, Merle
Whistenant, Tim McCarty and Mike Irwin