The lead dancers separate and move away from each other in a three quarter (270) circle. When each lead dancer meets another lead dancer from the other side of the square, they become partners and step forward to the center of the square. Each trailing dancer follows the dancer in front of him and ends directly behind that same dancer. A single couple facing out does the lead dancer's part as described, but they may not step all the way into the center at the end of the call.

Completed double pass thru, or a single couple(s) on the outside of the square, facing out.

6-8 beats from a completed double pass thru. I called for only four people, the timing is 6 beats.

Arms are held in natural dance position, skirt work optional. It is important to move slightly forward before turning away. When lead dancers meet and become partners, use couple handhold. Trailing dancers should follow footsteps of the lead dancers and not cut the corners. When trailing dancers become partners, use couple handhold.