Dixie Style To An Ocean Wave
From facing couples, the right hand dancer steps forward and to the left to become the lead dancer in a tandem. Lead dancers join right hands and pull by. Moving to the other trailing dancer, each extends a left hand and touches to a left hand mini wave and turns one quarter. New center dancers join right hands and form a left hand ocean wave.

Facing couples or facing tandems.

Static square, heads or sides to a wave, 6; all 4 couples to a wave, 8.

Lead dancers initially pulling by in the center should use handshake hold as in right and left grand. When forming mini waves with trailing dancers, dancers must adjust to the right, using hands-up position and same styling as in swing thru.
Note: If the girls would immediately put out their LEFT hand to the boy after the right hand pull by, it will be a clue to the boy to use his LEFT hand to form the left hand wave.