Eight Chain Thru (1-8)
Facing dancers join right hands and pull by (this completes an eight chain 1). The center facing dancers join left hands and pull by while the outside dancers do a courtesy turn (this completes an eight chain 2). Repeat these actions in sequence to achieve eight chain three, eight chain four, etc. Eight chain thru is the same as eight chain eight. Even numbers (2,4,6,8) end in an eight chain thru formation. Odd numbers (1,3,5,7) end in a trade by formation.

Eight chain thru.

Box, 8 hands, 20 steps; 4 hands, 10 steps.

Use same styling as in courtesy turn and right and left grand. Emphasis should be placed on the courtesy turn in that portion of the basic so that dancers can maintain an eight chain thru formation and not be allowed to drift into a right and left grand type of movement.

Note: If dancers count off the hands as they pull by, it helps. And remember, this is not a race, you are a team working together to get to the same goal.