Grand Square
A call that has the sides doing one part while at the same time the heads are doing another. Heads move forward into the square (4 steps), turning one quarter on the fourth step to face partners and back away to the sides of the square (4 steps). Turn one quarter to face the original opposites. Back away to the corners of the square (4 steps) and turn one quarter to face original partners and walk forward to home (4 steps). Do not turn. From this point the action is reversed. Heads back away from their partners (4 steps), turning one quarter on the fourth step and walk forward to the opposite (4 steps). Turn one quarter and walk forward into the center toward partners (4 steps). Turn one quarter to face opposites and back up to home. While the heads are doing the first 16 steps, the sides start by facing their partners to back away and do the second 16 steps. Completing this, the sides do the first 16 steps, while the heads are doing the last 16. The principle of walking 3 steps and turning (or reversing) on the fourth step is followed throughout. This call may be broken into fractional parts by the caller directing the number of steps required. The call may also start with the heads, or other designated dancers, directed to face.


32 steps

Mens' arms in natural dance position; ladies work skirt with natural swing action. When moving forward and backward as a couple, normal couple handhold is desired.