Right And Left Grand
If necessary, dancers turn 90' or less to face opposite sex (men counterclockwise, ladies clockwise) join right hands, if not already joined, and pull by. Each moves ahead, around the circle, and each gives the left hand to the next, a right to the next and a left to the next until each dancer meets the person with whom he started.

Square or circle or any position where dancers may conveniently turn 90' or less (if necessary) to face opposite sex, men facing counterclockwise, ladies clockwise.

Until you meet your partner on the other side, 10 steps.

In the right and left grand for all dancers, hands are involved with alternating pull-by movements, no twirls. Arms should be held in natural dance position and the handhold position should be released as dancers pass each other. Men particularly should stand tall and resist the temptation to lean over and stretch out their hand to the next person. Just a comfortable extension of the arm and hand is all that is necessary. Brief eye contact should be made as they meet each dancer.