Linear Cycle
(For programs above plus, allowable formations include any formation in which the End and adjacent Center can single or partner Hinge. This is a three part call).
Part 1: The Ends and adjacent Centers, Hinge.
Part 2: Those facing Out fold behind those facing In and all dancers will then move forward in a Double Pass Thru action.
Part 3: If the Hinge is right-handed, Peel right; if the Hinge is left-handed, Peel left to end as facing couples. From a right-hand Hinge, all will pass right shoulders.
From a right-hand hinge, all will pass right shoulders. From a left-hand Hinge, all will pass left shoulders.

For plus program, Parallel Ocean Waves of 4 either Right or Left Handed.

10-12 steps.
Arms in natural dance position. Similar to styling for individual components. Rejoin hands upon completion of move.