Load The Boat
The end dancers move forward around the outside passing right shoulders with three moving end dancers, and turn one-quarter in to stand beside the third person passed, facing the center of the set as a couple. Simultaneously, the center four dancers Pass Thru, turn their backs to their momentary partners, Partner Trade with their new partners and Pass Thru.
My note: When done from facing lines of four the ending position is an 8-Chain Thru formation. From lines of four with Ends facing Out and Centers In, the movement ends in a Static Square with two couples facing Out.

Lines of 4, with centers facing in, and the ends of each line facing the same (in or out) direction.

12 steps.

The end dancers, while moving on the outside, leave room for the center dancers to work comfortably. Arms are held in natural dance position throughout the action, blending into the appropriate hand position for the next call.