Spin Chain And Exchange The Gears
Starts as in a normal Spin Chain the Gears -- Ends and adjacent centers turn 1/2, new centers turn 3/4, while the ends U-Turn Back, and the very two centers of the wave Trade. All form two left-hand stars (but before turning them, the out-facing point should raise a hand, indicating "follow me" -- they will be the "leaders of the exchange") and turn the stars 3/4. The "leaders of the exchange" will now lead the star out to the right, around the outside of the other star, like an S pattern, then into a monmetary column of four, single file through the sides position. The first three dancers in the momentary column Quarter right-face, as the fourth dancer does a Quarter left-face, and the original "leader of the exchange" Runs right, forming two parallel right-hand ocean waves (at the sides of the square; if started from a Box 1-4).

Ocean waves (right-hand, for ease of description).

26 steps.

Same as in Spin Chain the Gears.