2012  Spartan Spinners Photo Memories
Graduation Dance Page 1
Halloween Dance Page 1
Hobo Benefit Dance  Page 1
St. Patrick's Day Dance
Anniversary Dance 2012
Brady's Breakfast with the Club
Spartan Spinners Bunco Party
January Dance
Club's Christmas at Brady's
Christmas Dance with the Peach Blossoms
Club Christmas Party
Introduction to Dance Night
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Graduation Dance Page 2
Graduation Dance Page 3
Graduation Dance page 4
Halloween Dance page 3
Halloween Dance Page 4
Halloween Dance Page 2
Hobo Dance Page 2
Hobo Dance Page 3
Hobo Dance Page 4
St. Patrick Dance Page 2
Anniversary Dance Page 2
Brady's Breakfast for the club Page 2
Bunco Party Page 2
Bunco Party Page 3
Bunco Party Page 4
Federation Dance Page 2
Federation Dance sponsored by
the Spartan Spinners
Federation Dance Page 3
Federation Dance Page 4
Federation Dance Page 5
January Dance Page 2
Brady's Christmas Page 2
Christmas Dance Page 2
Christmas Dance page 3
Introduction Dance Page 2
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