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Subject: Spartan Spinners--June 15, 2022--NOW--Notes on Wednesday

Well Hello again Spinners and Friends,

Is it hot enough for you? Well, sorry, it is going to get hotter. The high for NEXT Wednesday is predicted to be 99 degrees, So everyone
be careful if you've got to be outside for any periods of time.

We held our picnic inside the Police Club on Sunday and we had a really good turnout. Many thanks to WC and Georgia for standing out in the
heat to cook all those burgers and dogs. It was really great to see such a turnout and If anyone went home hungry it was their own fault
because there was plenty of food left over after everyone stopped eating.

Spartan Spinners' class at 7:00 PM, Thursday evening at St. James Methodist Church.. Angels needed!

Peach Blossom's class at 7:00 PM, Monday evening at The Church at Lake Cooley in Welford.

The theme for this week's dance is "Western Hoedown" , so put on dem cowboy hats and git on over to Holy Lutheran Communion Church on Saturday, Jun 18th to do some boot-stomping at 7:30 with Tom Pustinger and lines between tips with Nancy Pustinger. Check out: for more details.

Attached to this email will be a Set-up sign up sheet. There are a couple more vacancies, so grab them before they get gone. The sign-up sheet will be available at the dance Sat night, if there are any spots left by then.

Lynn and Marcus want to do the Federation dance on July 30th but they want a theme for it. Anyone have any suggestions?

See you in theā¹, Don & Sandy

Spartan Spinners Secretary

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